​Chef Charlie Wilson


Bypassing the conventional route, the University of Life took Charlie around the world on many adventures. She worked on a boat in the Caribbean serving the likes of Pierce Brosnan and Mick Jagger; she sailed her own boat and was shipwrecked on a deserted island; she was a Cordon Bleu chef, owned her own catering company in London followed by a restaurant in the French Alps, to highlight a few. In 2008 Charlie opened Help Yourself/Date & Thyme, bringing healthy organic food to the community of Key West. 

Inspired through her own experience of overcoming health challenges through a change in diet and lifestyle, Charlie became increasingly passionate about healthy food and nutrition. She went on a mission to learn everything she could about food and healing, enrolling in The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in New York.

Charlie believes that food truly is medicine and combines her passion for cooking with organic plant-based ingredients to create delicious meals that not only taste great but support the health of our body and the planet too.