Chef ​Drew Wenzel


It was a case of acute boredom that led Drew Wenzel to Germany back in 1990. Having finished his degrees in German and International Business at Penn State in 1987, he had acquired enough experience in business and cooking (initially to finance his studies) to know that his passion was in a kitchen and not an office.

After completing culinary school in Germany, Drew worked with some of the best young German chefs of the day, honing his skills until, in 1994, he opened the restaurant "Graceland" in Hamburg.  Graceland became hugely successful--so successful in that Drew found himself more and more in that place he tried to get away from--an office.

So when life-long friend and fellow Chef Michael Mosi called him in 2004 and asked if he would help out the new owners of Antonia's, where Michael was Chef de Cuisine, he jumped at the chance to get back into the kitchen. And he moved to that tropical paradise we call Key West.

In 2007 Drew and Michael, wanting to showcase their many years of experience, opened AZUR Restaurant, showcasing local seafood blended with Mediterranean sensibilities and old-school cooking techniques.