"Isle Cook Key West, more than just a store, it’s an experience."

Isle Cook Key West offers several types of lessons and events:

  • Chef’s Tasting Menus – These are demonstration cooking lessons and events. The chef will create and prepare a unique themed menu for your education and enjoyment. 
  • Hands-On Cooking Lessons – Whether basic, advanced, or geared toward a specific cuisine or technique, hands-on cooking lessons get you into the kitchen to learn from the chef.
  • Educational Demonstration Lessons - These are demonstration cooking lessons that are designed to show you the techniques, equipment, and ingredients necessary to create a specific dish or type of cuisine.
  • Summer Menus - Demonstration cooking lessons (like Chef's Tasting Menus) with lighter fare, fewer courses, and lower prices for the summer.
  • Wine Education Events – Basic wine tastings, advanced tastings specific to region, and blind wine tastings.
  • Food Education Events - Lectures and instruction on food, nutrition, flavors, cooking techniques, and ingredients.
  • Special Events – Isle Cook Key West offers a wide range of special events. Please check our schedule of events for details. 
  • Private Events – Isle Cook Key West is available for private events (e.g. birthday parties, anniversaries, engagement parties). Please contact us for details.
Prepayment is required to reserve lesson space, and given our limited seating and the need to purchase raw materials for each lesson, we cannot accept cancellations, and your payment is non-refundable. Unless otherwise noted, prices do not include tax, gratuity, or beverages.
Most evening lessons start promptly at 6 p.m. (unless otherwise noted), but please check the schedule carefully. At Chef’s Tasting Menus you will enjoy the food prepared by the chef with wine and beer available for purchase (except during paired wine/beer dinners or unless otherwise noted). All lessons may vary in start time, cost, and the food and drink provided.
Mid-day Lessons vary in start time. Please check the schedule for the start time of your lesson.
We have an extensive wine and beer list and outside beverages are not permitted.
Any published menus are subject to change due to the availability of ingredients and/or at the Chef's discretion.
Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate dietary restrictions.
We do not allow pets in the shop during lessons.


1.  You've moved! Where can we find you?

As soon as we can, we will start hosting Unity Table events at Williams Hall (729 Fleming St.).

2.    How do your Chef’s Tasting Menu Events work?

Either our own in-house Chef or another local Chef creates a unique menu. Our dining table seats 14 guests. Due to time constraints, some elements of the menu are prepared in advance and others are prepared in front of the guests during the event. Most of the menus are four to five courses.

3.    Can I bring my own beverages?

We do not permit outside beverages. We have a large selection of craft beer, fine wine, and non-alcoholic options. We also offer bottle recommendations and by-the-glass options.

4.    Is tax and tip included in the event price?

Yes! Both tax and tip are included in our event pricing.

5.    Will I receive recipes for the events?

You will receive recipes for our Hands-On Cooking Lessons, but not for our Chef’s Tasting Menu Events. Most of our chefs do not work from recipes, but instead create their courses as an artist would a painting. Transcribing recipes is a very different process than creating dishes for our chefs. When recipes are available, we will happily share them.

6.    How do your Paired Wine Dinners differ from Chef’s Tasting Menu Dinners?

Our Paired Wine Dinners have the wine as a very strong focus and we generally have a representative from the winery, wine company, or the winemaker joining us for these events. The dinners have been crafted to pair beautifully with the wines we are featuring. We do the Wine Pairing as an option because not everyone drinks or wants to participate in the pairing option and we do not want guests to feel they are paying for something they are not experiencing. We offer two different paired wine options: one a tasting portion per course and one a full glass per course.

7.    Do you offer Private Events?

Absolutely! You can book private Chef’s Tasting Menu Events and Hands-On Cooking Lessons with us. We can also create private Paired Wine Events. We love hosting small, intimate birthday parties, anniversary parties, rehearsal dinners or just gatherings of friends and family. Please e-mail us at islecookkeywest@gmail.com to discuss private events.