Chef Philip Simmons

Phil Simmons graduated from the London University, School of Oriental and African Studies in 1977 with a degree in Chinese Language and Literature. He then travelled extensively through Asia and the Caribbean, and through his travels he learned about food and culture. He discovered that every good eatery becomes a Shangri La, found, and it was during his travels, especially in India, that he started to learn how to cook. “People seldom hand you their recipes, but when coaxed they will usually want to tell you the ingredients and how they did it. My travel diary bulged."

When he arrived in Key West from Jamaica in 1985, he was surprised to find that there was no Indian restaurant in Key West. From 1985 till 1993, Chef Simmons was the chef and manager of El Loro Verde. It was a Mexican restaurant, but Chef Simmons added a Caribbean side to the menu, featuring Curries and Jerk dishes.

In 1993 Chef Simmons opened The Bangalore, an Indian Vegetarian Kitchen "hole in the wall" on Duval Street. Since that time Chef Simmons has continued to cater privately serving Key West Vegetarian and Seafood Indian Cuisine.
Chef Simmons has also worked at multiple Key West Restaurants and has hosted “Indian Nights” at locations around Key West.