Chef ​Richard Witting


Chef Richard Witting hails from Vermont where he has spent the last several years at the forefront of the restaurant and locavore scene. With a background rich in the food of the world, he has over twenty years of experience in the restaurant industry: from the bottom to the top, dishwasher to executive chef. 

Presently he is the owner and chef at Firefly Catering, the event coordinator for Pace Catering, and the orchestrator of pop-up and farm-to-table dinners. Ever-curious about food and food ways, Richard has recently completed a degree in Anthropology, with a focus on food, from the University of Vermont. 

An avid forager, Richard frequently incorporates wild edibles into his dishes and dinners. At his monthly farm-to-table dinner series with Agricola Farm in Panton, Vermont, he blends the Genoan heritage of farmer Alessandra Rellini with his extensive knowledge of wild edibles and his passion for utilizing the products of local producers. 

Richard’s love of international cuisine led him to create the Isole Dinner Club, a pop-up dinner series which explores not only the cuisine of a culture and region, but also the music, drink and art of that place. This series has visited such far flung places as Transylvania, Puerto Rico, Abyssinia, the Golan Heights, Casablanca, Brazil, ancient Rome, and Argentina. In other professional settings he has cooked the food of Ethiopia, Italy, China, Japan, Syria, Cuba, Provence and Mexico. 

Richard is excited to return to Key West, collaborating again with his old friend Keith St Peter, owner of Kojin and The Porch.